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Flood Insurance Study

As part of FEMA’s Map Modernization activities, the Flood Insurance Studies (FIS) for individual communities have been revised and collated into countywide documents. Click on the link below to open a county FIS (pdf format).

Effective FIS Reports

Carroll County Vol 1 3/19/2013

Carroll County Vol 2 3/19/2013

Cheshire County Vol 1 5/23/2006

Cheshire County Vol 2 5/23/2006

Coos County Vol 1 2/20/2013

Coos County Vol 2 2/20/2013

Grafton County Vol 1 2/20/2008

Grafton County Vol 2 2/20/2008

Hillsborough County Vol 1 9/25/2009

Hillsborough County Vol 2 9/25/2009

Hillsborough County Vol 3 9/25/2009

Hillsborough County Vol 4 9/25/2009

Hillsborough County Vol 5 9/25/2009

Merrimack County Vol 1 4/19/2010

Merrimack County Vol 2 4/19/2010

Rockingham County Vol 1 5/17/2005

Rockingham County Vol 2 5/17/2005

Rockingham County Vol 3 5/17/2005

Strafford County 9/30/2015

Sullivan County Vol 1 5/23/2006

Sullivan County Vol 2 5/23/2006

June, 2014: FEMA has published a "New England Coastal Mapping" fact sheet, available here.

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You will need Adobe Reader 6.0 or better or Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or better to view the FIS and the DFIRMs. Please go to http://www.adobe.com to dowload the free viewer.

Go to the DFIRMs page to view pdfs of the flood maps.

Community officials may request hardcopy version of the DFIRMs, free of charge. Other members of the community may purchase hardcopy DFIRMs for $25/first panel and $10/panel thereafter. Contact Chris Phaneuf at GRANIT.