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NH Coastal Watershed Pollutant Load Analysis ("Hot Spot Mapping" Project)

Lead Agency:
University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center

Primary Contact:
James Houle

Project Partner(s):
NH GRANIT, UNH Earth Systems Research Center, Horsley Witten Group

NH Department of Environmental Services

Start Date - End Date
09/01/2019 - 05/01/2020

In an effort to better understand the contributing factors to the declining water quality in the Great Bay estuary and its tributaries, an analysis of pollutants from the surrounding land area was conducted. The study focused on 36 (the number of communities for which digital tax parcel data were available) of the 42 communities within New Hampshire's coastal watershed: Barrington, Brentwood, Chester, Danville, Deerfield, Dover, Durham, Epping, Exeter, Farmington, Fremont, Greenland, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kensington, Kingston, Lee, Madbury, Middleton, New Castle, New Durham, Newfields, Newmarket, Northwood, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Raymond, Rochester, Rollinsford, Rye, Sandown, Seabrook, Somersworth, Strafford, Stratham, and Wakefield. The tax parcel data were combined with impervious surface data, land use data, soil data, conservation lands data, and pollutant load export rate (PLER) data and analyses were performed in order to determine the pollutant load by parcel for 3 primary contributing pollutants: nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediments. The resulting data were then exported to community-based summaries and 3 map products were generated for each community (total nitrogen, total phosphorous, and total sediments). The maps and town summary sheets can be viewed/downloaded here:


Total Nitrogen - BarringtonProject Map
Total Nitrogen - BrentwoodProject Map
Total Nitrogen - ChesterProject Map
Total Nitrogen - DanvilleProject Map
Total Nitrogen - DeerfieldProject Map
Total Nitrogen - DoverProject Map
Total Nitrogen - DurhamProject Map
Total Nitrogen - EppingProject Map
Total Nitrogen - ExeterProject Map
Total Nitrogen - FarmingtonProject Map
Total Nitrogen - FremontProject Map
Total Nitrogen - GreenlandProject Map
Total Nitrogen - HamptonProject Map
Total Nitrogen - Hampton FallsProject Map
Total Nitrogen - KensingtonProject Map
Total Nitrogen - KingstonProject Map
Total Nitrogen - LeeProject Map
Total Nitrogen - MadburyProject Map
Total Nitrogen - MiddletonProject Map
Total Nitrogen - New CastleProject Map
Total Nitrogen - New DurhamProject Map
Total Nitrogen - NewfieldsProject Map
Total Nitrogen - NewmarketProject Map
Total Nitrogen - NorthwoodProject Map
Total Nitrogen - NottinghamProject Map
Total Nitrogen - PortsmouthProject Map
Total Nitrogen - RaymondProject Map
Total Nitrogen - RochesterProject Map
Total Nitrogen - RollinsfordProject Map
Total Nitrogen - RyeProject Map
Total Nitrogen - SandownProject Map
Total Nitrogen - SeabrookProject Map
Total Nitrogen - SomersworthProject Map
Total Nitrogen - StraffordProject Map
Total Nitrogen - StrathamProject Map
Total Nitrogen - WakefieldProject Map
Total Phosphorous - BarringtonProject Map
Total Phosphorous - BrentwoodProject Map
Total Phosphorous - ChesterProject Map
Total Phosphorous - DanvilleProject Map
Total Phosphorous - DeerfieldProject Map
Total Phosphorous - DoverProject Map
Total Phosphorous - DurhamProject Map
Total Phosphorous - EppingProject Map
Total Phosphorous - ExeterProject Map
Total Phosphorous - FarmingtonProject Map
Total Phosphorous - FremontProject Map
Total Phosphorous - GreenlandProject Map
Total Phosphorous - HamptonProject Map
Total Phosphorous - Hampton FallsProject Map
Total Phosphorous - KensingtonProject Map
Total Phosphorous - KingstonProject Map
Total Phosphorous - LeeProject Map
Total Phosphorous - MadburyProject Map
Total Phosphorous - MiddletonProject Map
Total Phosphorous - New CastleProject Map
Total Phosphorous - New DurhamProject Map
Total Phosphorous - NewfieldsProject Map
Total Phosphorous - NewmarketProject Map
Total Phosphorous - NorthwoodProject Map
Total Phosphorous - NottinghamProject Map
Total Phosphorous - PortsmouthProject Map
Total Phosphorous - RaymondProject Map
Total Phosphorous - RochesterProject Map
Total Phosphorous - RollinsfordProject Map
Total Phosphorous - RyeProject Map
Total Phosphorous - SandownProject Map
Total Phosphorous - SeabrookProject Map
Total Phosphorous - SomersworthProject Map
Total Phosphorous - StraffordProject Map
Total Phosphorous - StrathamProject Map
Total Phosphorous - WakefieldProject Map
Total Sediments - BarringtonProject Map
Total Sediments - BrentwoodProject Map
Total Sediments - ChesterProject Map
Total Sediments - DanvilleProject Map
Total Sediments - DeerfieldProject Map
Total Sediments - DoverProject Map
Total Sediments - DurhamProject Map
Total Sediments - EppingProject Map
Total Sediments - ExeterProject Map
Total Sediments - FarmingtonProject Map
Total Sediments - FremontProject Map
Total Sediments - GreenlandProject Map
Total Sediments - HamptonProject Map
Total Sediments - Hampton FallsProject Map
Total Sediments - KensingtonProject Map
Total Sediments - KingstonProject Map
Total Sediments - LeeProject Map
Total Sediments - MadburyProject Map
Total Sediments - MiddletonProject Map
Total Sediments - New CastleProject Map
Total Sediments - New DurhamProject Map
Total Sediments - NewfieldsProject Map
Total Sediments - NewmarketProject Map
Total Sediments - NorthwoodProject Map
Total Sediments - NottinghamProject Map
Total Sediments - PortsmouthProject Map
Total Sediments - RaymondProject Map
Total Sediments - RochesterProject Map
Total Sediments - RollinsfordProject Map
Total Sediments - RyeProject Map
Total Sediments - SandownProject Map
Total Sediments - SeabrookProject Map
Total Sediments - SomersworthProject Map
Total Sediments - StraffordProject Map
Total Sediments - StrathamProject Map
Total Sediments - WakefieldProject Map
Pollutant Load Summary - BarringtonSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - BrentwoodSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - ChesterSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - DanvilleSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - DeerfieldSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - DoverSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - DurhamSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - EppingSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - ExeterSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - FarmingtonSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - FremontSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - GreenlandSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - HamptonSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - Hampton FallsSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - KensingtonSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - KingstonSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - LeeSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - MadburySpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - MiddletonSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - New CastleSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - New DurhamSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - NewfieldsSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - NewmarketSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - NorthwoodSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - NottinghamSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - PortsmouthSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - RaymondSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - RochesterSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - RollinsfordSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - RyeSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - SandownSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - SeabrookSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - SomersworthSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - StraffordSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - StrathamSpreadsheet (.xls)
Pollutant Load Summary - WakefieldSpreadsheet (.xls)

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