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Database Update: 2-Ft Topographic Contours

Date/Time(s): November 12, 2019
Event Type: GRANIT News
GRANIT is pleased to announce that we have completed the production of statewide 2 ft. topographic contours. The contours were generated from source LIDAR data sets collected over the period 2011-2018 with varying resolution and accuracy specifications. Two contour data sets were generated for each of the 82 10-digit hydrologic units (HUC 10's) in the state - a filtered version (with minimal processing) and a smoothed version (with additional processing to better accommodate cartographic display). Please review the metadata for a complete description of the processing methodology.

The contour data are available as follows:
a) Downloadable as HUC10 geodatabases using the standard GRANIT Data Discovery tools. Use the search term "contours" in the Data Discovery Tool to generate a listing, or click on "Contours - 2 Ft" in the layer listing;
b) Accessible as map services at the following link: Each service covers a HUC 8 unit and contains two or more HUC 10 data layers.
c) Viewable in GRANITView through the Layer Catalog.

Two additional options will be forthcoming shortly:
d) Cached versions of the HUC8 services will be added to the GRANITView Table of Contents; and
e) The HUC 10 layers will be accessible from ArcGIS Online as Feature Layers.

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