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Careers/Job Opportunities Best of the Web - Employment
The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse
Federal/National Data Sources Data Sources by State - Listing of spatial and attribute data sources organized by state
FEMA Map Service Center
Geography Network
National Agricultural Imagery Program
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
National Register of Historic Places
National Wetlands Inventory
U.S. Geological Survey
USGS Earth Explorer
USGS National Elevation Dataset
USGS National Hydrography Dataset
USGS National Map
Free Data Viewers AvisMap GIS Engine
ESRI Explorer Applications
GeoExpress View
Google Earth
MapWindow GIS
GIS 101 Dictionary of Abbreviations and Acronyms in GIS, Cartography, and Remote Sensing - Earth Sciences & Map Library, University of California, Berkeley
ESRI Online GIS Dictionary
Federal Geographic Data Committee Glossary
Geographer's Craft Glossary - University of Colorado at Boulder
GIS Data Depot Helpdesk Glossary
Maps, Mapping, GPS, and Geocaching
Norm's GIS Glossary - Mentor Software, Inc.
What is GIS? - GIS concepts by ESRI
GIS Memberships, Organizations, and Certifications GIS Certification Institute - GISCI
National States Geographic Information Council - NSGIC
New Hampshire GIS Conservation Collaborative - NHGCC
Northeast Arc Users Group - NEARC
Urban and Regional Information Systems Association - URISA
GPS Global Positioning System Overview by Peter Dana
GPS and Geocaching 101
GPSy - Macintosh GPS Communications
Maps, Mapping, GPS, and Geocaching
NH Department of Transportation - GPS Corrections Center
Trimble - GPS units
Image Processing ERDAS - IMAGINE for remote sensing
LizardTech - Creates MrSID compressed images
PCI Geomatics
Metadata Federal Geographic Data Committee
National Spatial Data Infrastructure
New England's Other GIS Centers Connecticut Map and Geographic Information Center
Maine Office of GIS
Rhode Island Geographic Information System
Vermont Center for Geographic Information
NH State Agencies NH Department of Environmental Services
NH Department of Resources and Economic Development
NH Department of Transportation
NH Fish & Game Department
NH Office of Energy and Planning - Official New Hampshire government website
Other Data Sources Data Sources by State - Listing of spatial and attribute data sources organized by state
Geography Resources for Mapping, GIS, Smartphones and More! - Useful overview, particularly for students.
GIS Data Depot
Microsoft TerraServer

Regional Planning Commissions Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission
Lakes Region Planning Commission
Nashua Regional Planning Commission
North Country Council
Rockingham Planning Commission
Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission
Southwest Region Planning Commission
Strafford Regional Planning Commission
Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission
Remote Sensing LIDAR
National Agricultural Imagery Program
RADAR at the Alaska SAR Facility
Software/Hardware We Use CommunityViz - Decision support software for planning and resource management
Dell - Workstations, laptops, servers, monitors
ERDAS - IMAGINE for remote sensing
ESRI - ArcGIS Info 9.x, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Image Server, ArcGIS Server, ArcPad, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
HP - Plotters, printers
LizardTech - Creates MrSID compressed images
Trimble - GPS units
UNH Cooperative Extension
Cooperative Institute for Coastal and Estuarine Environmental Technology
Department of Geography
Department of Natural Resources
Dimond Library Government Documents Department: Historic USGS Topographic Maps
Earth Systems Research Center
Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis
Research Computing Center
Thompson School of Applied Science

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