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Overview of Online Map Services

Online map services provide the general public with free access to GIS tools through the Internet. With these services, users can:

  • Interact with maps (zoom in/out, search for a location, query geographic data, customize the map content)
  • Create a map for output to a local printer
  • View geographic data from a variety of sources (local, state, federal government)
  • Access data documentation (metadata)
  • Contribute to GRANIT data holdings

The following services are currently available:

NH Coastal Viewer
Historic DRG Viewer
NH GRANIT Town Boundary Monument Catalog
NH Wildlife Sightings
Web Services


GRANITView is a web-based mapping tool, initially released in April of 2014, offering New Hampshire's communities, agencies and organizations, and the general public access to a comprehensive collection of geospatial data archived in GRANIT. It includes data display, navigation, query, sketching, measuring, and printing tools. Our goal is to ensure that the data and related tools will be utilized to inform and expand decision-making at the local, regional, and statewide levels.

NH Coastal Viewer

The NH Coastal Viewer is an online mapping tool that provides access to coastal resources spatial data, hazards-related spatial data, and other spatial data sets within NH's 42 coastal watershed communities.

NH Historic DRGs Viewer

The NH Historic DRGs Viewer provides access to the historic Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs) housed by NH GRANIT, in addition to a suite of tools used to navigate and interact with the layers and map. The DRGs are a collection of scanned images of USGS 15-minute topographic maps dating from the late 1800's.

NH GRANIT Town Boundary Monument Catalog

The NH GRANIT Town Boundary Monument Catalog is a statewide inventory of spatially referenced town monuments.The primary objectives of the Catalog are to:

  • Build, document, and maintain a GIS-based inventory of town boundary monuments in New Hampshire.
  • Provide a comprehensive resource to town officials, land surveyors, and others in the state who are researching issues related to town boundary lines and monumentation.

Over time, this resource will be used to improve the accuracy of town boundary mapping in the state and produce a better digital representation of the corporate jurisdictions.

Registered users of the Catalog may submit coordinates and related information for current and/or historic collections of town monuments. These data are made available to the public via the Catalog and the NH GRANIT Data Mapper Geodetic Control Theme.

NH Wildlife Sightings

The NH Wildlife Sightings site is a web tool to report observations of rare wildlife in NH. All data collected through the site are forwarded to wildlife professionals at the NH Fish & Game Department, who review and verify the individual records. Verified records then go to the NH Natural Heritage Bureau for storage and use within their statewide database of tracked species. Finally, information from the updated NH Natural Heritage Bureau's database return to the website for display to the viewer at the town scale.

Web Services

Web Services allow the user to access GIS data layers and geoprocessing services over the Internet. For more information about web services that are currently available from GRANIT, please click here.

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